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AntView is an eclipse plug-in to run Ant build file targets from within the Eclipse R2 IDE.

Questions, Issues, Just gotta know, check out the FAQ first.

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Release 2.2.8 Features:

  • Saves selected targets betweeen Eclipse sessions.
  • Auto-expands tree to display selected targets on view startup
  • Update view on build file change (new file or save)
  • Honors Eclipse open click preference policy
  • Tree view of project build files and targets
  • Target dependency and execution order information
  • Configurable Ant display output levels
  • Ant display output color coded by level
  • Run multiple targets in sequence
  • Run multiple targets across different Ant build file
  • Filter visible targets based on target description attribute.
  • Identification of selected target children.
  • Ability to use alternate Ant build file name.
  • Ant build file parsing errors appear in viewer tree.
  • Ant execution is via Eclipse 2.0 AntRunner class with Progress dialog.
      (This configures Ant classpath from Eclipse Ant Core preferences page with
        Eclipse Ant Core tasks and types.)

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Robocode Documentation

An eclipse help plug-in for Robocode Documentation.


  • Robocode API documentation
  • Robocode FAQ
  • Vector Notes
  • Trig Notes

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